Insurance Inspections

4 – Point Inspection

As a Certified Member of ASHI and FABI, my Company is Authorized by the Director of Underwriting, Citizens Property Insurance Corp., to Conduct this “4-Point Inspection”.

If this inspection is conducted at the same time as the General Inspection, there are significant savings to my Clients.

Uniform Mitigation Verification Report

This report provides Insurance Companies accurate information regarding homeowner up-grades and present conditions, that will very likely result in a lower rate for insurance coverage. The majority of these reports have saved my Clients between $300.00 to $1,600.00.

This report also corrects inaccurate information that Insurance Companies may have on record about your home. The best example is a home with a hip roof that is rated as a gable roof and homeowner is charged a higher rate.

Most important is, reporting any changes or improvements that the homeowner has made that will reduce rate (such as hurricane rated windows and doors, storm shutters, new roof, garage door).

Form OIR-B1-1802 is the official way to present this information to your Insurance Provider.

This form and its use, is not available to just any Home Inspection Company. Inspectors must be certified by completing the University of Florida My Safe Florida Home, Wind & Hurricane Mitigation Inspection Training. (My Company has completed this course and is certified.)

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